Totally Not PC

This is a podcast where Vern shares his views about current events,religion, politics, food and anything in-between. Joined with his niece/co-host Hailey.

Episode 31 with Shelbi

September 17th, 2016
Vern introduces the new guest co-host and gets into the usual subjects.
He asked her about religion and politics.
Very good episode to watch.

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Episode 30

September 10th, 2016
Vern and Hailey talked about Hilary and Trumps joint event where they had talked about jobs.  
They also talk about mother Teresa is she should be prayed to or not.  
They talked about the new iphone 7 with no headphone port and the phone promo scam.  
Also the president went to Hangzhou in china for the G20 summit and the president of the Phillipines called the president of the USA a "son of a bitch"

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Episode 29

September 1st, 2016
They talked about Haileys sweet 16, southwestern and how there was a shooting, a new marathon reopening up, Chris brown getting arrested, claustrophobia, everyone did their plugs, Donald Trump going to Mexico.
They ended the show with talking about evolution vs. creation, using chickens as examples
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